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Assessment Factors to Derive DNELs

Start date: 25 Mar. 2010

This Workshop will be held to disseminate the approaches developed by the ECETOC task force and the ERASM project. Relevant examples will be shared. Workshop participants will be asked to discuss the proposals made and to assess where the science could be further developed in support of the implementation of REACH.

The primary target audience of the Workshop are those in industry that are directly involved in the preparation of chemical safety dossiers under REACH.

Regulators and academics are invited as observers and discussion partners, and the organisers would very much welcome their input and advice.

The outcome of the workshop will be summarised as an ECETOC workshop report.

If you need any further information, please contact christa.hennes@ecetoc.org, scientific officer in charge of the event.


9.00 Welcome, by Christa Hennes
9.10 “Introduction on the Role of Assessment Factors in the REACH Process”, by Hans-Jürgen Wiegand (Evonik)
9.30 “Assessment Factors for DNEL Derivation: An ECETOC Approach”, by George Rusch (Honeywell)
10.00 “Scientific Basis for Safety Factors – Re-Evaluation with RepDose”, by Inge Mangelsdorf (Fraunhofer ITEM)
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 “Default Assessment Factors versus Expert Evaluation: What can we learn from SCOEL?”, by Dieter Beyer (BayerHealthcare)
11.30 Plenary Discussion/ Introduction to Breakout Groups, Moderator: Mark Pemberton (Lucite)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Breakout Group Sessions
Group I: “Role of assessment factors in the process of chemical risk assessment and the consequences of default or informed factors”, Chair: George Rusch/ Rapporteur: Annette Wilschut
Group II“Derivation and application of assessment factors based on animal data”, Chair: Dieter Beyer/ Rapporteur: Erik Rushton
Group III“Derivation and application of assessment factors based on human data and on use of existing exposure limits”, Chair: Peter Boogaard (Shell)/ Rapporteur: Marie-Louise Meisters (DuPont)
14.30 Coffee Break
14.45 Reports from Breakout Groups/ Plenary Discussion, Moderator: Mark Pemberton
15.45 Outlook and Close of Workshop, by Hans-Jürgen Wiegand

All the presentations of the workshop are now uploaded on the ECETOC website. If you are a member of ECETOC you can view the presentations here. For non-members please click here.

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