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BEMS/DEMS Symposium 2018 – Communicating toxicology: what’s the risk?

Start date: 29 Nov. 2018

Location: Vlaams-Europees Verbindingsagentschap, Kortenberglaan 71, Brussels

Scientists and risk assessors generate valid and robust data, which should allow risk managers and policy makers to take measures to ensure safe use of medicines, chemicals, cosmetics and food ingredients. However, we should recognize that humans are hardwired to feel first and think second, so how biased are our recommendations, and, even more importantly, how do we get our message across. During this symposium, keynote lectures will address scientific and regulatory issues in the field of GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and plant protection products. During a workshop the participants can experience and learn how media works and highlight the hazards, exposure, risks, harm-benefit balances and residual uncertainties.

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More information will also be available at www.toxicologie.nl

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