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CAAT Academy: Hands-On Training for Toxicologists!

Start date: 20 May. 2016

End date: 23 Jun. 2016

Focused, Intensive Hands-On Training in Alternative Methods and Technologies for Toxicologists of All Levels of Experience

First Session Begins May 20th: Limited Space, so Apply Now!

CAAT Academy is a joint venture of CAAT US (Johns Hopkins University) and CAAT-Europe (University of Konstanz). CAAT Academy employs experts from Europe and the U.S. to provide hands-on-training in human-relevant alternative methods and technologies for toxicologists of all levels of experience, from operational to PhD.

The benefits of CAAT Academy training include:
• Multi-site sessions across the EU
• 1-2 days of hands-on training with 2-3 suppliers
• Expert speakers involved in development and production of alternative methods
• Technology-agnostic training on multiple platforms
• Exhaustive coverage of modern alternative methods

Session Topics – for more details, please check the event flyer

  1. In Silico Modeling and Tools Under REACH
  2. Animal-Free Pyrogenicity and Endotoxin Testing Under the New EU Pharmacopeia
  3. Hepatoxicity Testing Based On AOP

Online Registration:
http://caat-academy.eventbrite.com – click here for more information


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