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CAAT-Europe Information Day

Start date: 13 Oct. 2011

CAAT-Europe is organising a series of Information Days on specific topics of interest. The October 13 will focus on the scientific state of the art, challenges and opportunities for testing complex toxicological hazards without animals. This reflects the ongoing development of new strategies for chemicals and cosmetic ingredients safety testing in Europe and US.

The attempts in Europe and in the US to address the safety of existing chemicals, the needs to improve predictive value for humans, the costs and the throughput are leading to programs trying to recondition the toxicological toolbox. The ToxCast Program of the US EPA is an example of a promising approach to address these questions. It is time to bring these different forces together to develop a scientific roadmap to modernize safety assessments of substances.

This info day will show some developments of functional human-relevant alternative methods for systemic toxicity, such as repeat dose toxicity (chronic toxicity) and carcinogenicity. The futures of toxicity testing and consumer protection go hand-in-hand with the scientific and technical evolution, i.e. automation, cell and tissue based assays, identified pathways of toxicity and modern measurement technologies as well as data analysis. This Information day aims to present the emerging roadmap for toxicity testing, in particular for safety testing of cosmetics, which will be presented by key experts from academia, industry and the field of animal welfare.

The Information Day will occur at the Festsaal-Steigenberger Inselhotel, Konstanz, Germany. For more details on the programme and registration fees download the flyer of the event.

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