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Cefic-LRI/ILSI Europe Joint Workshop on ‘Carcinogen Dose-Response Database for Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC)’

Start date: 19 Apr. 2021

End date: 21 Apr. 2021

The Cefic-LRI/ILSI Europe Joint Workshop will take place on April 19-21, 2021. It is an online event to discuss the results of the joint research project ‘Carcinogen Dose-Response Database for TTC’ (B18) supported by ILSI Europe, Liverpool John Moores University (UK), Molecular Networks GmbH (DE), Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (DE) and the European Chemical Industry Council Long-Range Research Initiative (CEFIC LRI), with experts on cancer data interpretation and TTC.

This research project aimed at compiling data necessary to determine safe exposure levels of potentially carcinogenic substances.

For more information, click here.

** This event is by invitation only. A post-event report will be made available once the outcomes are consolidated.

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