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Cefic LRI Members Workshop 2006

Start date: 15 Nov. 2006

End date: 16 Nov. 2006

The 2006 LRI Members Workshop took place on 15 and 16 November 2006 at the Hotel Amigo in Brussels. Over 90 delegates attended this year’s workshop which officially launched a new phase for LRI.

The workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive background to the challenges and a guide to the future directions of LRI-sponsored research. Speakers unveiled the vision, strategy and objectives of this new phase of LRI – with a focus on three themes linked to priority issues facing the industry.

LRI reflects the industry’s ambition to promote a stronger link between science and society. With the post-REACH era approaching, it is an important opportunity to address the future of LRI.

In 2007 the three focus areas will be human bio-monitoring, endocrine disruption and persistent bio-accumulative toxic substances (PBTs).

During a second part of this 8th LRI workshop, scientists from industry, academia and the EU Commission discussed the emerging science of epigenetics. Four parallel sessions laid the groundwork for the development of a future integrated science and communication programme in this challenging area that links environmental factors with transgenerational effects.

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