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ECOPA/IPAM Conference

Start date: 26 Nov. 2010

The Italian Platform on Alternative Methods (IPAM) in conjunction with the European Consensus-Platform for Alternatives (ECOPA) are organising a workshop entitled “Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century and Alternative Methods” on 26 November in Milan, Italy.

Toxicity testing is posing increasing challenges to healthcare, industry, the research community, as well as the society as a whole. The complexity of issues at stake is matched by the recognition of theoritical, operational, methodological, and economical constraints that may hamper the efficacy of current procedures in toxicity testing. Likewise, the same constraints have been a powerful drive for the development of new methods, technologies, and scientific approaches to tackle difficulties and overcome bottlenecks.

The importance of understanding the possible adverse concequences of animal and environmental exposure to new agents, the recognition that individuals are exposed to complex mixtures of toxic compounds in the real world, the implementation of the REACH Regulation in the EU, are just a few examples of the challenges that demand further developments in toxicity testing in many levels.

This workshop is intended to foster discussions aimed at supporting thinking, research activities and action in the area of toxicity testing, in a perspective of alternative strategies based on the paradigm shift from analysis of apical end-points in animal system towards a clarification of toxicity pathways using cell or cell lines.

To register to this workshop and get more information on fees and hotel accommodation, please contact IANTRA at info@iantra.it.

You can download the leaflet and the programme of the workshop here.


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