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EPAA WorkShop : Optimized testing strategies for skin sensitisation LLNA and beyond

Start date: 19 Sep. 2011

End date: 20 Sep. 2011

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The meeting will build upon the findings of the 2010 LRI Workshop on the LLNA. The intention is to share practical experience amongst industry sectors, mainly on the use of the LLNA but also on testing strategies for skin sensitisation in general.


The expected outcome includes mainly conclusions about the applicability of the LLNA and recommendations for optimized 3Rs strategies for skin sensitisation.  Steps for implementation of these recommendations should be identified as well as potential issues related to the applicability of methods or approaches that could next be addressed with regulators.

Read the workshop flash report and the peer-reviewed publication on “Optimised testing strategies for skin sensitization – The LLNA and beyond”.



The following elements are foreseen to be included in the programme:
– Introduction
– Overview of 2010 LRI Workshop on LLNA
– Experience with the LLNA (different chemical classes, applicability domain)
– Regulatory status of the LLNA and tiered risk/safety assessment approaches for skin sensitisation for specific sectors
– ITS for skin sensitisation (including non-animal tools)
– Case studies – company and/or sector presentations
– Threshold concepts to reduce animal testing for skin sensitisation risk /safety assessment
– Discussion and recommendations

A more detailed programme and registration forms will follow in due time.


19th-20th September 2011 in Brussels


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