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ICCA-LRI 2009 Workshop – Connecting Innovations in Biological, Exposure and Risk Sciences: Better Information for Better Decisions

Start date: 16 Jun. 2009

End date: 17 Jun. 2009

An exciting new generation of scientific tools has emerged that can rapidly measure the effects of chemicals on cells, tissues and organisms. The International Council of Chemical Associations’ Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) has sponsored a workshop to stimulate discussions on approaches to translate the data from these new technologies into information that is effective and useful for risk-based decision making.

Harnessing the New Data: Better Information for Better Decisions

This workshop has assessed the growing gap between advancements in the new technologies and the science to interpret and understand the emerging data. Key questions included what research is needed to bridge this knowledge gap; how to harness the data to better inform decisions about public health; and how best to communi­cate research outcomes as they evolve.


Highligted Workshop Themes:

1. Technology – Effective interpretation of the new bio­logical tools for revolutionizing risk-based decision-making

2. Exposures – Innovative tools to characterize bio­logically relevant environmental exposures and their implication for health risks

3. Communication – Frameworks for appropriately communicating research outcomes


Nearly 100 participants from 15 different countries attended a mix of plenary presentations and breakout sessions. Attendees agreed that the new technologies are rapidly modernizing chemical testing and that the data will likely be considered in regulatory decision-making, including initiatives for REACH in the EU and TSCA in the USA.


Click here to download the summary of the 2009 ICCA-LRI Workshop.

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