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Internal Exposure – Linking bioavailability to effects

Start date: 22 Aug. 2004

End date: 27 Aug. 2004

EAWAG and Uthrecht University workshop on:
Internal Exposure – Linking bioavailability to effects August 22-27, 2004
Monte Verità, TI, Switzerland The workshop will bring together scientists from the fields of ecotoxicology, environmental and human health risk assessment, toxicology and bio-pharmacy to discuss recent development in exposure measurements and modelling; stimulate scientific exchance and research collaboration and develop links between environmental and human health risk assessment. Topics of the workshop will be:

  • Bioavailability and Partitioning
  • Uptake and Toxicokinetic Processes
  • Linking Exposure to Effects
  • Integrative Approaches in Risk Assessment

More information on the conference is available on the EAWAG website

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