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International Symposium on Biological Monitoring (ISBM)

Start date: 9 Sep. 2013

End date: 11 Sep. 2013

The UK Health & Safety Laboratory and ICOH’s Scientific Committee on Occupational Toxicology are pleased to announce that the 9th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring (ISBM-9) will take place in Manchester, UK in September 2013.

Previous symposia, which are held every two to three years, have been held in Japan, Italy, Finland, Korea, Canada, Germany and China, with the last being in Finland in 2010. The symposia exist to bring together the world’s leading experts and practitioners to share knowledge. Topics will include new biomarkers of exposure, effect and susceptibility, new analytical techniques and case studies of occupational and environmental exposures. There will also be the development of policies and guidance to use biological monitoring as a tool to identify, monitor and control chemical exposures, and to assess occupational and environmental chemical risks.

The International Symposium on Biological Monitoring (ISBM) is taking place from 9 to 11 September in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Please find here the draft ISBM 2013 Programme.

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