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LRI shows significant presence at SETAC Europe

Start date: 21 Apr. 2003

End date: 1 May. 2003

LRI staged a substantial presence at this year’s SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Annual Meeting in Hamburg, presenting its work in the area of environmental research and risk assessment.

Fifteen scientific posters describing LRI projects in the fields of Release and Uncertainty, Environmental Modelling, and Persistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity, as well as presentations from the American Chemistry Council’s LRI programme, have been presented during the course of the conference with the scientific input and cooperation of LRI’s key partner ECETOC.

SETAC, considered one of Europe’s most respected non-profit professional organisation in its field, is comprised of a balanced mix of environmental professionals, scientists, government representatives and non-government organisations in the field of environmental toxicology and chemistry.

This year’s meeting focussed on Understanding the Complexity of Environmental Issues: A Way to Sustainability, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting, managing, and restoring the environment for the enhancement of ecological and human welfare.

As a sustaining member of SETAC, LRI also hosted an exhibition stand highlighting the industry’s contribution to understanding the impact of chemicals on the environment as part of the solution to a sustainable future.

The congress included a special symposium on Science and Politics – Is there a Role for Science in Regulation, Policy and shaping Public Perception? chaired by Thomas Petry and Ragnar Löfstedt, where Simon Webb, LRI manager, represented the chemical industry (see presentation).

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