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Mini-Seminar on Alternatives and Risk Assessment

Start date: 18 May. 2009

The objective of the mini-seminar is to provide a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information on the status of alternatives as tools for risk assessment within the USA and Europe. The seminar will be hosted by Cefic at our offices in Brussels.


  • “Update on the status of the 3Rs in the USA”, by Alan Goldberg (CAAT, John Hopkins University)
  • “ECVAM priorities for alternatives”, by Joachim Kreysa (ECVAM, Joint Research Centre)
  • “Industry efforts and perspective on alternatives in REACH”, by Watze De Wolf (Dupont)
  • “Research support for 3Rs alternatives in Europe”, by Andrea Tilche (DG Research, European Commission)
  • “SMEs experiences and needs in Europe”, by Deborah Declercq (Straticell)
  • “SMEs experiences and needs in the USA”, by Syed Ahmed Mustafa (Ceetox Inc.)
  • Panel Discussion, moderated by Dick Philip (Exxon Mobil Chemicals and chair Cefic-LRI SIG) and composed of speakers and Karin Kilian (DG Health & Consumer Protection)

Click here to read a summary report on the seminar.

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