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Online Expert Workshop “Recent Developments in Sediment Toxicity Testing”

Start date: 14 Oct. 2021

End date: 14 Oct. 2021

The online Workshop “Recent Developments in Sediment Toxicity Testing” will take place on 14 October 2021, from 13.30 to 18.00 (CET). Participation is by invitation only. 

Sediment toxicity testing has been applied for many years in the fields of environmental risk assessment and chemical safety assessment. Still there are several gaps in our knowledge on the chemical and toxicological behavior and bioavailability of various groups of chemicals in toxicity assays and in sediments in general. Testing can be challenging and biased unreliable data may be obtained, which hampers realistic product and ecological assessments and may lead to improper or even unwanted management of contaminated sediments and products. Therefore, continued research efforts are directed towards obtaining new insights in the various aspects of sediment toxicity testing, such as spiking, phase distribution, sampling, upper test concentrations, and toxico-kinetics and -dynamics. Cefic LRI recently funded a project (ECO43; 2018-2021), which focused on these aspects for very hydrophobic chemicals.

This online expert workshop aims to bring together experts in the field of sediment toxicity and to share and discuss recent developments, including, but not limited to, those resulting from the Cefic LRI ECO43 project. Additionally, experts will identify and discuss knowledge gaps and research needs and challenges in the field of sediment toxicity (testing). Discussions will take place in separate breakout sessions, focusing on different sub-topics (UVCBs/offshore chemicals, plant protection products, field-contaminated sediments, regulatory aspects, modeling), followed by a plenary, integrative discussion. The overall results of the workshop may serve as a blueprint for future directions and research lines in the field of sediment toxicity.

The Programme is available here.

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