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SETAC Pellston workshop on environmental mixtures

Start date: 22 Mar. 2015

End date: 27 Mar. 2015

SETAC in conjunction with the LRI Programme is organising a Pellston workshop on environmental mixtures entitled: “Simplifying environmental mixtures: an aquatic exposure-based approach via exposure scenarios”. The workshop will occur in Valencia, Spain.

The main goal of this meeting is to address the need for testable frameworks that simplify the complexities of assigning causality and provide tools that can be used for forecasting risks based on potential exposure scenarios. About 40 invited scientists and decision makers from around the world will address the scientific underpinnings of mixture toxicity and help refine and simplify these per exposure scenario. It is expected that retrospective methods can be used to test the veracity of these decision criteria and then be flipped to forecast the potential effects of chemical mixtures.

A key output from the workshop would then be guidance on how generalized decision trees could be used in forecasting where chemical exposure may represent a potential concern.

This is a workshop by invitation only.

For more information about the working groups and the workshop planning, go to: http://pellston.setac.eu/?contentid=824.

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