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Cefic-LRI discusses alternatives for skin sensitization testing and assessment in joint cross-sector workshop

HELSINKI, April 23, 2015 – Today, the Long-range Research Initiative programme (LRI) of Cefic, in co-operation with the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) and Cosmetics Europe, is organising a joint workshop to discuss the latest scientific developments in  alternative approaches and strategies to animal testing in the skin sensitization area.  Gathering experts from EU regulatory bodies, Member States, civil society, industry stakeholders and the media, the aim of the workshop is to investigate pragmatic solutions and make interim recommendations for in vitro alternatives that can deliver the same degree of human health protection currently afforded by the in vivo methods and can be accepted at a regulatory level. The workshop is being hosted by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) over two days.

As advocates of the 3Rs principle to protect and improve animal welfare, Cefic-LRI, Cosmetics Europe and EPAA, have established a long-standing relationship across several sectors to move forward with alternative testing methods. This workshop, the last of four cross-sector workshops dedicated to the topic, is a clear demonstration our commitment to finding alternative testing strategies for skin sensitization in a regulatory context.

Dr Bruno Hubesch, Cefic-LRI programme manager said: “With REACH 2018 approaching, several industry sectors need to carry out hazard identification and classification of their substances for successful and compliant registration”. Sharing practical experience about in vitro testing strategies for skin sensitization prediction and their limitations is essential if we want to bring safe products into the market and secure public health. “The success of this workshop will be gauged by the large number of high quality regulatory filings for REACH 2018 and the level of acceptance by the authorities”, concluded Hubesch.

ECHA has been very supportive along the way and has agreed to host the event back to back with its Member States Committee to maximise the participation of national authorities. A workshop summary report and a peer-reviewed article are expected to be the outcome of this workshop. Some proceedings will become publicly available on the organisers’ websites.

For more information, contact: Esther Agyeman-Budu, Cefic communication and emerging science policy manager, at eab@cefic.be for Cefic-LRI’s involvement, and for ECHA’s involvement please contact Mikko Väänänen, ECHA Press Officer, at Press@echa.europa.eu, and Jonathan Crozier, EPAA communication manager, for EPAA related matters, at jonathan.crozier@epaaind.eu .


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