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Cefic-LRI launches new research project calls on Microplastics

Cefic-LRI funds research to address the health and environmental impact of chemicals, based on the need of the chemical industry to understand the long-term effects of its products and processes. Cefic-LRI is now accepting grant applications for research on the emission factors for microplastics and to assess its environmental hazards:

LRI-ECO60 – Emission factors for microplastics to support environmental exposure modeling

Characterising potential risks of microplastics (MP) in the environment requires an understanding of their fate & transport properties, which are partly a function of their use, release and distribution in the environment. General purpose risk assessment tools are being developed to calculate predicted environmental concentrations of MPs, which will require that the user provides emissions data.
The objective is to develop fit for purpose Emission Factors for MPs that span a range of likely professional, consumer, and industrial use scenarios which cover manufacturing, value chain, service life, and/or end-of-life stages.

LRI-ECO61 – Develop holistic approach to assess environmental hazards of microplastics to the terrestrial environment

Microplastics research has grown substantially over the past several years, due to the growing concerns from the public and the regulatory bodies. However, most of the research on microplastics are towards the aquatic environments, while microplastics in terrestrial environments are relatively understudied.
The objective is to develop a holistic approach to assess environmental hazards of environmentally relevant microplastics to the terrestrial compartment.

The deadline for applications is September 11, 2022

Project specifications, budget details and application forms can be found here. Only proposals that fit the project specifications and are submitted in the official LRI application form will be considered.

Do you have questions?

For further details, please contact Dr Bruno Hubesch, LRI Programme Consultant at bhu@cefic.be, or the LRI Secretariat at lri@cefic.be.

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