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Welcoming Katherine Santizo: The New Cefic-LRI Programme Manager

We are delighted to announce that Katherine Santizo has assumed the role of Cefic-LRI Programme Manager. With a comprehensive research background spanning various academic and industrial disciplines, including environmental chemistry, materials science, fluid dynamics, contaminant fate and transport, as well as contaminant attenuation and degradation, Katherine brings a wealth of expertise to Cefic-LRI. Katherine has worked on research projects in three different countries: the USA, Sweden, and Germany.

Reflecting on her new role, Katherine said:

“I am quite excited to be joining as Cefic-LRI Programme Manager and continue the work to provide scientific data on the topics relevant to the public’s concerns and regulatory framework. I hope to demonstrate the impact and importance of the research that has been completed and will be completed in Cefic-LRI. As the industry is in this important juncture implementing the Green New Deal, innovative research is critical to ensuring its success and Cefic-LRI can hopefully aid in providing robust scientific data to industry and regulators.”

Katherine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She further pursued her academic journey by completing a Master’s in Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech.

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