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ECO6.2-CSL: Establishing relationships of biotransformation across organisms

The overall aim of this study is to develop quantitative structure-activity relationships relating to biodegradation, biotransformation and bioaccumulation in organisms from different taxa and trophic levels and to develop relationships between biotransformation in microbial systems, invertebrates and vertebrate species.  This […]

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ECO6.2-ILSIHESI: Pre-validation of an in vitro fish liver S9 assay to optimize the prediction of bioaccumulation

The specific objectives of this project are to support incorporation of in vitro metabolism data into BCF prediction models and to extrapolate in vitro test results to whole body biotransformation rates (kmet) to be used to refine BCF model predictions. […]

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ECO8: Development of a strategy to predict acute fish lethality using fish cell lines and fish embryos

It is the goal of this research project to investigate if in vitro approaches based on fish cell lines and/or fish embryos can be improved to be widely accepted as an alternative to the acute fish test. With regard to […]

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