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17th Annual Cefic-LRI Workshop 2015

Start date: 18 Nov. 2015

End date: 19 Nov. 2015

The Long-Range Research Initiative Programme (LRI) of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) organised its 17th Annual Workshop on 18 and 19 November 2015 in Brussels. This year, the workshop focused on nonanimal-based safety assessment.

The workshop commenced on 18 November with a networking session and poster presentation, followed by a gala dinner and an award ceremony, where the winner received the 2015 Innovative Science Award of 100.000 Euro.

This year’s winning proposal responded to the theme: “Establishment of thresholds of activation of stress responses pathways and link to adverse outcomes for chemical classification and risk assessment”.

The workshop showcased the outcome and impact of several LRI projects completed in 2014-2015 with a focus on environmental risk assessment, bioconcentration, chemo-informatics, exposure modelling, skin sensitisation, and acceptance of innovation. In the afternoon of Day 2, a dedicated panel discussion on non-animal-based safety assessment was hosted.

For more information on our LRI workshop, please consult the final report of this event.


Panel discussion:

  • Dr Karel de Raat, ECHA
  • Dr Karen Niven, Shell
  • Dr Alan Poole, ECETOC
  • Dr Rick Becker, American Chemistry Council
  • Dr Raffaella Corvi, JRC/EURL-ECVAM
  • Prof Jim Bridges, Univ. Surrey
  • Dr Kirsty Reid, Eurogroup for Animals


Plenary presentations:

“Non-animal based safety assessment: within reach or over-sold?” Welcome and outline by Chair, Dr. Stuart Marshall, Unilever

ECO19: ChimERA: An integrated modelling tool for ecological risk assessment, presented by Prof. Frederik De Laender, Univ. Ghent/Univ. of Namur, BE

ECO21: Improving the performance and expanding the applicability of a mechanistic bioconcentration model for ionogenic organic compounds (IOCs) in fish (BIONIC), presented by Dr. Steven Droge, Utrecht Univ., NL

EEM9.3: Linking LRI AMBIT Chemoinformatic system with the IUCLID Substance database to Support Read-across of Substance endpoint data and Category formation, presented by Dr. Volker Koch, Clariant, DE

B11: Integrated External and Internal Exposure Modelling Platform (INTEGRA), presented by Prof. Denis Sarigiannis, CERTH, GR

S3: Development of a robust participatory regulatory framework to enhance the wider acceptance of innovative chemical technologies, presented by Prof. Jason Weeks, Cranfield Univ., UK

B14: Skin Sensitisation – Chemical Applicability Domain of the Local Lymph Node Assay, presented by Dr. Dave Roberts, Univ. of Liverpool, UK

“What Will Work in New Orleans? Application of New Approaches for Chemical Safety Assessment” by Dr. Alan Poole, ECETOC, BE

Conclusions of the workshop and future perspectives of the LRI programme by Dr. Pierre Barthélemy, Executive Director, Research & Innovation dept, Cefic


AIMT6 – CON4EI: CONsortium for in vitro Eye Irritation testing strategy, presented by Dr. An Van Rompay, VITO, BE

B16 – External validation of Tier-I workers dermal exposure estimates in ECETOC TRA, presented by Dr. Jody Schinkel, TNO, NL

N5 – Pathological effects and biokinetics of life-time inhaled Barium sulfate nanoparticles, presented by Dr. Dirk Schaudien, Fraunhofer ITEM, DE

ECO27 – Chemicals: Assessment of Risks to Ecosystem Services (CARES), presented by Prof. Lorraine Malt, Univ. of Sheffield, UK

ECO28 – Modelling ecological scenarios for the assessment of chemical effects on aquatic communities, presented by Dr. Monika Hammerz-Wirtz, Research Institute for Ecosystem Analysis and Assessment, Gaiac Aachen, DE

ECO29 – Does microbial adaptation through long term exposure leads to biodegradation of persistent pharmaceutical products?, presented by Prof. John Parsons, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, Univ. of Amsterdam, NL

ECO 30 – Expanding the applicability domain of the chemical activity approach for hazard and risk assessment, presented by Dr. Philipp Mayer or Stine Norgaard Schmidt, Denmark Technical Univ., DK

ECO 30 – Linking algal growth inhibition to chemical activity, presented by Dr. Philipp Mayer, Denmark Technical Univ., DK

EMSG56.2 – Guideline Framework for the univariate analysis of Big Data for regulatory use, presented by Prof. Tim Gant, Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards (CRE), UK

Q3 – Sound Science: Selective citation in science based decision-making, presented by Miriam Urlings & Bram Duyxs, Univ. Maastricht, NL


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Video from the LRI Award Ceremony

Red carpet Alice Limonciel


Day 1 – Red carpet photo shooting

Red carpet 1 Red carpet 2 Red carpet 3 Red carpet 4 Red carpet 5

Day 1 – Award Gala Dinner

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Day 2 – Plenary and Panel sessions

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Should you have any question, contact Dr. Bruno Hubesch, LRI Programme Manager at bhu@cefic.be  or the LRI Secretariat at lri@cefic.be.


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