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4th Annual LRI Member Workshop

Start date: 20 Nov. 2002

End date: 21 Nov. 2002

The LRI team held its Fourth Member Workshop in Brussels on November 20 and 21, 2002. It gathered scientists, industry members, and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations from nations across Europe, as well as American Chemical Council (ACC) and Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) delegates. Click here for an executive summary of the workshop.

This web page is a portal to most of the contents of the event, including discussions on the LRI programme’s progress and future direction. A full report of the workshop is available here.

Twelve scientific presentations provided a good overview of the quality and impact of LRI-funded research projects in human health and environment, including endocrine disruption. LRI Manager Simon Webb announced at the workshop that Cefic projects to fund another €23 million in research over the next four years to continue to build on the programme’s success. A press release details this and other announcements from the workshop.

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