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CAAT Academy training: Tools for Read-Across

Start date: 15 Jun. 2017

End date: 16 Jun. 2017

CAAT Academy will organize the training “Tools for Read-Across” on 15-16 June, in Helsinki, Finland.

This two-day training intends to cover the emerging models as well as best practices when it comes to building a read-across justification for regulatory purposes.

Participants will learn how to integrate data and run it through CEFIC-LRI AMBIT-tool, ToxRead, Toxtrack, and REACH-Across. They will also be walked through a case-study specific endpoint (tba) as well as the integration of read-across dataset under IUCLID 6.

Attendees should bring their laptop and download the programs ToxRead (http://www.toxread.eu) and VEGA (www.vega-qsar.eu). AMBIT (http://cefic-lri.org/lri_toolbox/ambit/) will be used online.

The full programme is available here.

More information and registration here: www.caat-academy.org







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