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Ring Test OECD 306 Workshop

Start date: 3 May. 2018

End date: 4 May. 2018

The OECD 306 Ring Test Workshop: Improving Marine Biodegradation Screening Testing will be held at Newcastle University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, on 3-4 May 2018. The event is supported by Cefic-LRI.

From 2016-18, an international Cefic-LRI funded ring test was coordinated by Newcastle University, comparing an improved marine BST (comprising seawater concentrated with tangential flow filtration), a respirometric marine BST (comprising non-concentrated seawater), and a standard OECD 306 closed bottle test across 13 laboratories in the UK, Norway, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and Japan. Five test chemicals, representing a range of different biodegradation potentials, were used to validate the new method and included; a positive reference compound (sodium benzoate), a negative reference compound (pentachlorophenol) and three compounds with variable reported degradation (4-nitrophenol, triethanolamine and hydrolysed polyacrylamide).

This workshop will be the first opportunity to discuss the findings from this ring test including implications and recommendations for environmental risk assessment approaches with perspectives presented from CROs, industry, academia and regulatory bodies. These results stem from the earlier Cefic-LRI project ECO-11.

For more information and final agenda, click here.

All participants are invited to contribute to the poster session on “Biodegradation and Persistence Assessment”.

For any questions or comments, please contact Amelie Ott (A.I.G.Ott2@newcastle.ac.uk).


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