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CEFIC-LRI organizes training on AMBIT2

Since its relaunch in May 2016, Cefic’s Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) AMBIT software tool has been accessed in 58 different countries across the world. The team behind this tool is now getting ready to launch AMBIT2. A training organized by CEFIC-LRI for the new version of AMBIT will take place on 29 September 2017 in Brussels. A video material will be available online after the event.

This free tool was developed by a computational toxicology team at the Swiss chemical company Clariant together with IdeaConsult under Cefic’s LRI programme. The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) provided access to its non-confidential REACH database, an integrated software with data on 14570 substances.

AMBIT, which has now 540 registered users from over 300 companies and universities, is designed to help companies comply with chemicals regulation by using read-across. It enables companies to search for existing information on chemical safety and to securely upload their own data online.

“The tool is ‘excellent’ for identifying data gaps and supporting read-across and category formation”, highlights LRI programme consultant Dr. Bruno Hubesch.

AMBIT2 contains updated REACH information as well as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) OpenFoodTox databases.

Output will be available in IUCLID 6 format to be compatible with REACH 2018. Dr. Hubesch says “The idea is to keep AMBIT up to date by upgrading regularly, including importing new databases/sources”.

The draft agenda for the training session on ABMIT2 is available 

The training material is available online.

To access and download the tool, visit the website of Cefic’s Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) Programme: http://cefic-lri.org/lri_toolbox/ambit/

For more information on the training session, please contact the LRI Secretariat at lri@cefic.be.


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