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AIMT5: Bulding a Prenatal Developmental Toxicity Ontology, integrating existing biological, chemical, in silico models and in vitro methods and data, aiming at an alternative integrated AoP/MoA framework for mechanistic hazard and risk assessment in developmental toxicology

The primary objective of this project is to establish a novel Developmental Toxicity Ontology (DTO), organizing information about Modes of Action (MoA) and their relationships with Adverse developmental toxicity Outcomes (AO) through an understanding of normal embryology. An ontology is […]

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EMSG54: Advancing Neurodevelopmental Evaluation in Children: An Interdisciplinary Scientific Approach

With published research suggesting growing numbers of children affected by an array of neurodevelopmental disorders, questions regarding etiology will continue to be raised. The uses of neurodevelopmental tests in studies of environmental chemicals and pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders have been reviewed […]

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