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AIMT11: Enhancing in vitro DNT Testing Strategy

Recently, the need for developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) testing has been moving into the focus of the scientific community including regulatory scientists. Several initiatives promoted by EFSA, the OECD, and the International STakeholder NETwork (ISTNET) for DNT highlighted the most urgent […]

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AIMT5: Bulding a Prenatal Developmental Toxicity Ontology, integrating existing biological, chemical, in silico models and in vitro methods and data, aiming at an alternative integrated AoP/MoA framework for mechanistic hazard and risk assessment in developmental toxicology

The primary objective of this project is to establish a novel Developmental Toxicity Ontology (DTO), organizing information about Modes of Action (MoA) and their relationships with Adverse developmental toxicity Outcomes (AO) through an understanding of normal embryology. An ontology is […]

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B16-TNO: External validation of Tier-1 workers dermal exposure estimates in ECETOC TRA

As indicated in the Invitation to Tender, the objective of the proposed project is to obtain a set of dermal exposure estimates aligned with PROCs suitable for Tier-1 chemical safety estimates. According to the tender document, the worker dermal exposure […]

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B15-UCRAN: Developing a robust method of allocating efficiency measures to regulatory instruments in the chemicals industry

This project aims to improve the depth and availability of knowledge and understanding of the specific factors affecting the efficiency of risk management measure (RMM) to control human (worker and consumer) and environmental exposures that may result from the use […]

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S2-IOM: Foresight study on introduction of new technologies; the case of nanotechnology

The primary objective of this project is to identify the drivers of effective policy in the area of strategic development of novel technologies. Specific objectives include the following: 1.  To strengthen the link between technical expressions of risk resulting from […]

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ECO19-RUG: ChimERA – An integrated modelling tool for ecological risk assessment

The first objective of this project is to couple separate exposure and effect models (here called'sub-models') into a chemical integrated exposure and effect ecosystem model for ecological risk assessment (ChimERA) for the aquatic environment. This will be realized by combining […]

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MIAT1,2,3-DOW: A Tender to Develop Case Studies of the Application of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

This project will support the acceptance of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree by identifying appropriate monitoring studies of chemicals in the EU and applying the Decision Tree to the data generated by the studies. The goal of this project is […]

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MIAT4-VITO: Assessing the Applicability of the Maximum Cumulative Ratio (MCR): Assessment for Mixtures in Residential Indoor Air Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

The objective of this project is to estimate the relative proportions of the real life exposures to residential indoor air contaminant mixtures in Europe which are (i) of low health concern (ii) of health concern because of the effects of […]

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AIMT3-UM:DECO: Data-integration for Endpoints, Chemoinformatics and Omics

The first objective of this project is to develop a transparent framework that improves the prediction of the repeated dose toxicity of new chemicals by integrating chemoinformatic data with biological information from'omics' and HTS technologies. To create this framework, it […]

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Q2-MN: Overcoming current Limitations In Metabolism Prediction of Industrial Chemicals (OLIMPIC)

It is foreseen that the assessment of hazard and risk of chemicals under the REACH legislation is assisted by the application of computational methods. In vivo toxicity intrinsically reflects metabolism. Consequently, risk assessment can not neglect metabolism of chemicals. Hence, […]

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