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B15-UCRAN: Developing a robust method of allocating efficiency measures to regulatory instruments in the chemicals industry

This project aims to improve the depth and availability of knowledge and understanding of the specific factors affecting the efficiency of risk management measure (RMM) to control human (worker and consumer) and environmental exposures that may result from the use […]

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Q2-MN: Overcoming current Limitations In Metabolism Prediction of Industrial Chemicals (OLIMPIC)

It is foreseen that the assessment of hazard and risk of chemicals under the REACH legislation is assisted by the application of computational methods. In vivo toxicity intrinsically reflects metabolism. Consequently, risk assessment can not neglect metabolism of chemicals. Hence, […]

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EEM2: Validation of the Risk Assessment Module Against Observations and Against Other Models in the Context of EMEP POP Modelling Intercomparison Study

The ADEPT software is a quick assessment tool to calculate European concentrations and deposition of airborne chemical contaminants. In a tiered approach to risk assessment this could be the second or even first tier level. The model gives the result […]

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B3.3: The Intake Fraction (iF) concept: modelling, expansion and application tests

In order to help correlate the exposure of a population to a toxicant directly to the source of exposure, researchers have developed a concept called the intake fraction (iF), which is a dimensionless variable. The estimation of the iF relationship […]

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B1.1-FRAU: Identification of Structure Activity Relationships Alerts for Substances With Low NOELs (REPDOSE)

The toxicological data profiles of many of the more than 100,000 substances included in the EINECS are incomplete. Scientific tools are needed to minimize test requirements and to prioritise research needs. Here consideration of Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) could be […]

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