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C3-ED: A comprehensive Epigenomic profile of liver tissue from Rat and Mouse

This project will apply a comprehensive strategy to characterise and curate genome wide methylomes in liver tissues from rats and mouse. This will involve correlation of the profiles generated with public data sets for RNA expression (transcriptomics) and histone modification profiles […]

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AIMT4-UM: DECO2: Moving from DECO towards OECD

The aim of this project is to establish a framework for tools usable in integrated approaches. For this, efforts in our previous DECO project (CEFIC-LRI AIMT3 grant) will be advanced. DECO focused on the prediction of in vivo repeated dose […]

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EMSG58-MNEGRI: Human adverse health effects of endocrine active substances: assessment of the quality of individual epidemiological studies and of the overall mechanistic and epidemiologic evidence

The project's objective is to develop a systematic evaluation scheme to assess the quality and reliability of the epidemiological evidence for endocrine active substances to exert adverse effects based on an endocrine mode of action. This scheme is then to […]

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MIAT1,2,3-DOW: A Tender to Develop Case Studies of the Application of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

This project will support the acceptance of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree by identifying appropriate monitoring studies of chemicals in the EU and applying the Decision Tree to the data generated by the studies. The goal of this project is […]

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MIAT4-VITO: Assessing the Applicability of the Maximum Cumulative Ratio (MCR): Assessment for Mixtures in Residential Indoor Air Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

The objective of this project is to estimate the relative proportions of the real life exposures to residential indoor air contaminant mixtures in Europe which are (i) of low health concern (ii) of health concern because of the effects of […]

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C2.2-HPAG: Description of the nature of the accidental misuse of chemicals and chemical products

The overall objective of this research project is: - To describe the nature of accidental misuse of chemicals and chemical products available to consumers and to put this information in the context of overall estimates of accidental injury from chemicals. […]

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EMSG13: Genetic Sex Determination of Fish – Aquatic Toxicity Project D

Conduct a literature review on present understanding of sex determination mechanisms in wildlife and the current use of markers of genetic sex for wildlife species selected for use in the testing and evaluation of effects of endocrine modulators. This knowledge […]

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