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The objective of INTEGRA is to bring together all available information within a coherent methodological framework for assessing the source-to-dose continuum for the entire life cycle of substances covering an extensive chemical space. In this perspective the major component of […]

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AMBIT2 is an open chemoinformatic system designed to support companies by facilitating chemical safety assessment. The AMBIT2 system consists of a database including more than 450.000 chemical structures and REACH dataset of 14.570 substances. It contributes to the safer use […]

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BIOACCUMULATION ASSESSMENT TOOL (BAT): A Quantitative Weight of Evidence (QWOE) framework to aid bioaccumulation assessment

Understanding the behavior of chemicals in the environment is fundamental in risk assessment. The accumulation of chemical substances in living organisms is a complex process, and one of increasing interest to regulatory agencies. The Bioaccumulation Assessment Tool (BAT) facilitates the […]

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