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N5-FRAU: Histopathology of rats exposed to Barium sulfate nanoparticles by life-time inhalation exposure – Effects and Biokinetics

A lot of data are known regarding acute and subacute toxicity of nanomaterials, whereas the long term outcome of inhalation exposure to nanomaterials is still unclear. Long-term inhalation exposure data are only available for nano-TiO2 and Carbon black particles at […]

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N4-WAG: Science-based grouping of nanoparticles for industrial application of safe-by-design

Current practice is that Regulators evaluate the risk from nanoparticles along the whole value chain, from manufacture through application in products to end of life disposal. This project must provide clear input to the evaluation of nanomaterial value chains. Two […]

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S1-WAG: Safety Perceptions of New Technologies (SPOT) – making social and natural sciences meet

Many new technologies' introductions have been hindered by societal negativity regarding their development, application and commercialisation. Whilst considerable research activity has been directed towards understanding the underlying determinants of societal acceptance emerging technologies, this has been done on a case […]

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N1-FRAU: Tiered Approach to Testing and Assessment of Nanomaterial Safety to Human Health

The objectives of this project are: - to test the suitability of existing OECD testing guidelines for nanoscaled amorphous silicon dioxide (NASD) and ZnO; - to subject these test materials to OECD guideline testing; - to supplement these guidelines with […]

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N2-YORK: Detection, Fate and Uptake of Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Systems

Nanotechnology is a new and fast emerging field that involves manufacture of materials that are less than 100 nm in size in one dimension. Due to their extremely small size, engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) exhibit properties that are vastly different from […]

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N3-TNO: Testing and Assessment of Reproductive Toxicity of Nanomaterials

Nanomaterials form an important new class of technological materials that have numerous novel and useful properties. The expected growth in production and use of such materials increases the likelihood of human and environmental exposure. Evidence exists that children may be […]

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