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ECO8.3-NC3Rs-EAWAG: Round-robin test of the RTgill-W1 cell line assay to study its robustness in establishment and inter-laboratory comparability

To accomplish international recognition of the RTgill-W1 cell line assay for predicting acute toxicity to fish, the project aims to initiate a round-robin trial in order to test the robustness of the established methodology. In particular, the team aims to evaluate the […]

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AIMT1-PG: Evaluation of Signal Transduction Pathways in Model Organisms as Critical Mediators of Developmental Toxicity

The overall objective of the project is to determine whether model organisms with genetically sensitized signal transduction pathways can be used as predictors of mammalian developmental toxicity. Specific objectives: - Evaluate the effect of model developmental toxicants on the morphological […]

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A2.2-UNJM: Determination of the Optimal Physico-Chemical Parameters to Use in a QSAR Approach to Predict Skin Permeation Rate

Many toxic chemicals can enter the body via the skin. Measuring a chemical's ability to cross the skin is difficult, time-consuming and costly. One solution is to develop models relating skin permeability to chemical structure - known as a quantitative […]

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