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Making Sense of Omics

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Cefic-LRI Award

The award for early career life scientists in Europe.

A commitment to responsibility

A commitment to responsibility

A commitment to responsibility

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LRI’s mission is to identify and fill gaps in our understanding of the hazards posed by chemicals and to improve the methods available for assessing the associated risks.

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  • LRI-EMSG59: Species comparison in liver-mediated thyroid and thyroid-related toxicities […] more

  • LRI ECO50: Getting Real – Assessing spatial and temporal […] more


  • ECO-46 – Improved aquatic Testing and Assessment of cationic […] more

  • C6 – Toxicogenomic Approaches to Support Read-Across more

ICCA-LRI Workshop 2018 – Registration open!

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  • Making sense of omics – award winning projects and […] more

  • Cutting-edge research on chemical cocktails and child neurodevelopment wins […] more

  • CEFIC launches an upgraded chemical safety prediction software AMBIT […] more

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  • ICCA-LRI Workshop 2018 – Registration open! more

  • “Use of weight of evidence with non-testing methods for […] more

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