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B23 – Optimizing the benefit of REACH worker exposure assessments: ensuring meaningful health risk communication

The main objective of the project is to provide a substantial contribution to optimisation of information on (safe) use conditions, specifically in REACH.

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EMSG60 – Incidence trends of selected endocrine-related diseases and conditions in Europe and North America, and the contribution of changes in human reproduction

The first aim of the project is to investigate whether there has been an increase over time in the incidence of 14 diseases and conditions that may be associated with exposure to endocrine active substances.

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ECO51 – SWiFT: Strengthening weight of evidence for FET data to replace acute fish toxicity

The use of fish embryo toxicity (FET) data for hazard assessments of chemicals, in place of acute fish toxicity (AFT) data, has long been the goal for many environmental scientists.

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ECO53 – CC-ALT: A Chemical Categorisation Approach for Long- Range Transport Assessment

This project seeks to distinguish between four categories of chemicals that differ fundamentally in their LRT characteristics, and therefore require different, but complementary tools for LRTP assessment.

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B22 – TMEx-Complex: Tiered Methods for Quantifying Exposure to Complex Substances

Human exposure to chemicals is usually studied and understood in terms of the effect of a single pure chemical, but most humans are exposed to mixtures of chemicals. The project is focussed on determining how human exposure to chemicals is […]

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ECO52 – Bioavailability, complex substances and overall persistence (BCOP): three themes to deliver a step-change in persistence assessments

This project seeks to explore opportunities to improve weight-of-evidence approaches in persistence assessment by incorporating the latest scientific developments in bioavailability, complex substances and overall persistence.

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B19.2 – Refinement of a framework for extrapolating of worker exposure measurement data

LRI B19.2 is an extension of Cefic-LRI B19 project: 'Extrapolating the Applicability of Worker Exposure Measurement Data'. The objective is to improve on the framework delivered in the previous B19 project, by 1) re-assessing the existing case studies in light […]

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B15.3 – ECEL v3.0: Technical improvements and population of the integrated risk management measure (RMM) library

B15.3 is an extension of the “Cefic-LRI B15-2 project: Development of an integrated risk management measure library”. The main goal of this proposal is to upgrade ECEL v2.0 to ECEL v3.0 such that it is a well-designed, user-friendly tool with […]

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B18.2 – Incorporation of repeated dose study information for non-DNA-reactive carcinogens into the CPDB database and analysis of threshold values

This project is planned as extension of the project CEFIC LRI project B18, named “Database on Carcinogen Dose-response, including Information on DNA-reactivity, for TTC and beyond”, which is currently in its reporting phase. In this previous project, we updated the […]

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B12.3 – Assessing the relevance of the dust contribution in consumer exposure to substances from consumer products and articles (DustEx extension)

Human exposure to semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) present in materials is of great interest because of the large number of SVOCs used for different purposes in different materials; ranging from plasticizers in PVC to flame retardants in upholstery and clothing […]

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